Perfusion India: The Story of Bijender Singh Bali [1]

I wanted an interview with Bij because I liked how he approached

He sent me a picture of the guts of his pump- and I put it into the art gallery.

Then I looked him up on Face Book- and he likes motorcycles.  So basically he likes running two machines where there is NO room for miscalculation.

I rode motorcycles until I was 27, and then I got my first car.  So there is a connection regarding taking life to the edge- and pulling back – OR accelerating to full throttle at the last second…  to get beyond whatever position you find yourself in – that you need to overcome.

Pretty simple really.  Clutch and go…  not so different from crashing back on bypass when you think of it.  It’s a cardiac index and venous sat %  thing-  when you find yourself on a tight rope of transfusing volume, or riding it out when the heart is lifted so severely you literally have zero return.

So he agreed to do an interview, and it will be coming soon to a theater near you…


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