Perfusion Art: “Chariots of the Gods”

Both color tones were good- So I offered up two pictures…

Chariots of the Gods”  ________________________Click Images to Enlarge

Photographer:  Emiliano Vitalini


EditingPhotoshop:  Contrast Elements:

Narrative:   This is the surgeon helping the primary during the surgery…

Time & Place Italia

About The Artist:

Mr. Emiliano Vitalini, CCP, is an Italian perfusionist that sent a note my way, and sent me a link to his impressive website

I took a look at it and was amazed at the body of work- and the time and dedication it took.  I don’t speak Italian, although my family name and history has it’s roots in Mossa, Italy.  But I can recognize the effort and intent when I see it.  I added Emiliano’s website to my sidebar on the left hand side, “International Links”.

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Any Donations are for the cost and development of an International Perfusion Art Gallery, Framing, Printing, Matting, and Expenses associated with delivering the Gallery to future Perfusion Conferences.

A project of this nature hasn’t been tried before, but it would be a lot of fun to see something like this at a perfusion conference, as an effort to improve and develop our international awareness as well as appreciate some very dynamic art !

Anything helps- $10 -$25 or whatever- It will all add up…



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