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 Editor’s Note:

This position in Muskegon, Michigan is a great opportunity.  I worked there myself for 5 years, it is a beautiful city right on the lake, a perfect place to raise a family, and solid team to work with.

I highly recommend it- and the opportunity it represents.


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Job description

Staff Perfusionist

Job Title: Staff Perfusionist
Date Posted: 2014-07-10
Job Location: Muskegon, MI
Job Description: Operates and maintains all perfusion equipment during medical procedures requiring the use of it. Maintains all phases of necessary life support during surgical procedures when the heart and lungs are not functioning optimally. Maintains all equipment and required supplies at appropriate inventory levels.
Job Requirements: Certification by the American Board of Cardio­vascular Perfusion required. Familiarity with cardiopulmonary bypass systems, intra-aortic balloon pump systems, ventricular assist and blood salvaging devices. Demonstrate ability and skill in the management of organizational change and continuous quality improvement processes. Ability to facilitate staff development through appropriate coaching, mentoring, and counseling. Well developed communication skills, both written and oral. Able to communicate effectively with individuals and groups representing diverse perspectives. Articulates and demonstrates commitment to the philosophy, values, mission and vision of this Organization.
Contact information: Leon Conklin, CCP
[email protected]

231-672-3776Akia Pierce
Talent Acquisition Generalist
[email protected]


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