Methuselah Meets Perfusion? An Age Survey…

Editor’s Note:

Had an interesting e-chat the other day regarding a perfusionist who wanted to place an ad on ‘Surfers looking for work.

I asked the individual to send a picture of themselves – and got this response:

“For me that is not such a good idea.  I do not want to emphasize my age.  Sad but true .”

To put it mildly, I was a little shocked.  I asked the age, and it was late 50’s.

I typically like to ask for three things before placing an add:

  1. A Cover Letter
  2. A Resume’
  3. A Picture (@ work in scrubs- or having fun- NO suits)

The reasons for the first two speak for themselves, the photo on the other hand has a separate agenda.  It is an obviously superficial profile of the individual, but it is a direct reflection of reality.

It has absolutely nothing to do with “looks” as much as it does reflect a person’s self image of themselves.  You are going to meet your prospective employer at some time- regardless.  You just don’t show up to a new job or interview in scrubs, hat and mask.

More often than not, an employer will care less about your appearance as opposed to your ability and how you present yourself.  Handsome and pretty- is nice- but doesn’t translate to clinical ability or aptitude.

If you are fat, old, or less than perfect in appearance, chances are you have already compensated in other, more concrete ways, ie; work ethic, education, wit, personality, perfusion “sense”.

So the picture becomes a filter so to speak, and in my opinion will help save both party’s a lot of time and wasted energy (as well as $).

Getting an interview is great, but why go if the instant you meet face to face- there is no connection?  This process at least eliminates unrealistic expectations.  Does it remove or expose bias?  Yes and no.  But that is beyond the scope of this dialogue.

Editor’s Note:

The individual who I am referring to wrote a lengthy response that was extremely thoughtful and well written.  I posted it on ‘Surfers as a new post of it’s own.  It can be seen by clicking here.

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When is Older TOO Old ?

The name Methuselah, or the phrase “old as Methuselah,” is commonly used to refer to any living thing reaching great age.  Hence the title, hence the survey.

But age is a sword that cuts both ways in our profession.  Is it possible that too old may indeed trump too young?

I honestly feel, that age is not the limiting factor when considering, innate talent, preparation, grace under pressure, and one’s thought process.

Certainly, there are impacts implied by age, that need to be considered, (flexibility, speed), but usually not conditioning or stamina.

Mental acuity is the rapier point to the argument.  Are you as sharp as you once were?


The condition of your thought process is more specific to the individual- than the particular decade of life you are living in.

I’ve met more than my share of  idiots, and  doddering fools.  Age was NOT a common denominator for either condition.

I suppose the only true testimonial to how age is valued in our profession is directly measured by compensation.  Older, more experienced perfusionists make a higher salary.

Whatever that means.

I talked to a cardiac surgeon about it, and he told me that most of his mentors worked well into their 70’s, and that in his opinion, the primary limiting factor was visual acuity (not being able to see well enough to do your distals).

So the take home message on that is:

If your 70 something and blind- you probably won’t do well on your next interview 🙂

Gainsborough’s Blue Boy, 1770

When is Younger TOO Young ?

Too Be Continued…  A Survey is to follow !  🙂