Italian Art: Aortic Reconstruction



Editor’s Note:

When it comes to beauty, art, and medicine, leave it to the Italians to combine all things into one- and create this beautiful YouTube video below.  

I found it on FB and thought it might be nice to share 🙂


Mauro Di Marino is associated with this excellent perfusion website:


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Click on image above to view video 🙂

Italian Youtube on Aortic Reconstruction

Intervento di dissecazione aortica mediante sostituzione valvolare ed impianto di protesi aortica…

Geraldo Nascimento

“Simplesmente maravilhoso.
Já participei de pelo menos uma 30 cirurgias de reconstrução da aorta, e a cada uma é sempre uma emoção ao final da cirurgia.”


Simply wonderful.
I’ve been involved in at least a 30 surgeries of reconstruction of the aorta, and each one is always a thrill to the end of surgery.