HELP ! Potential Perfusion Student Looking for Perfusionist to Talk to- Atlanta Area …

Perfusion Job Shadow

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My name is Dwayne Kendrick and i am currently a biology major at Toccoa Falls College.

I am interested in the field of perfusion but I have one dilemma,  its hard to find anyone in this field that you can speak with personally.  I would like to at least know a perfusionist if all possible to see if I can gain insight and even perhaps guidance in this career.

Every field seems to have them but this one; is it possible at all that i may be able to speak with a perfusionist?  Thanks for your time and I am very eager to hear your reply, Thanks.

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Editor’s Note:

I checked the map- and Toccoa Falls College is very close to the Atlanta, Georgia region- an area with many heart programs.  I was wondering if any of you guys in Atlanta would want to talk to this guy- or possible let him Job Shadow?

His email is:  [email protected]

Dwayne-  I hope this helps.  Here is a link to several good articles about the perfusion profession.  It is certainly challenging and rewarding.  Good Luck-



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