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The Currents, Eddys & Riptides- of Open-Heart Surgery


Locums CCP- Available 4 You…

I am a contract perfusionist willing and ready to travel. Excellent current and past references, ABCP certified x forever- and have put patients on bypass at 57 facilities during my career. > Chief Perfusionist at 2 startup heart programs >Adult Perfusion >Adult and Pediatric ECMO >STS Data Coordinator > CV Database Developer >Long term Contracts…


Perfusion Art: “Gradients”

Perfusion Art: “Gradients” Photographer: Frank Aprile, CCP, BBA, LP Equipment: I Phone 8+ Editing: Photoshop Narrative: Say hello to your little friend… Every day we see this so often- I think we forget we are looking at it 🙂 Time & Place:   2021: MidWest About The Artist:  CCP Commentary:  Things we look at every day … _______________________________________ The Original Shot:


Sometimes… You Have to Learn How to Walk All Over Again…

_________________ Editor’s Note: Having negotiated the intricacies of assimilating into 57 heart programs prior- the one thing I know for sure: Each heart program is it’s OWN distinctly different animal. Equipment and the OR layouts vary to a certain degree- but after awhile, even those differences start to gel together and became a familiar enough…

cover, aortic, dissection

Perfusion Art: “Crimson Tubes”

Perfusion Art: “Crimson Tubes” Photographer: Frank Aprile, CCP, BBA, LP Equipment: I Phone 8+ Editing: Photoshop Narrative: An Aortic Root Reconstruction Time & Place:   2021: MidWest About The Artist:  CCP Commentary:  There is a raw artistic beauty to the reshaping and re-sculpturing of the human heart


A Profile in Courage: Covid (+) Returning to the Heart Team

Covid19: A Transformative Beast… I kind of feel like we are curving up from that BOTTOM of the slippery slope that we have been on for the last 1 ½ years- at least I hope so.  We are no longer frightened. We are no longer obsessed with the fear of exposure or how it relates…


Perfusion Art: “Blood on the Tracks””

Perfusion Art: “Blood on the Tracks” Photographer: Frank Aprile, CCP, BBA, LP Equipment: I Phone 8+ Editing: Photoshop Narrative:  “Blood on the Tracks’ Time & Place:   2021: UpNORTH About The Artist:  CCP Commentary:  A long Emergency Case- Late Night


Perfusion Art: “Davinci”

Perfusion Art: “ Davinci” Photographer: Frank Aprile, CCP, BBA, LP Equipment: I Phone 8+ Editing: Photoshop Narrative: A MidCab with Robotic IMA Harvest Time & Place:   2021: UpNORTH About The Artist:  CCP Commentary:  The symmetry on display here is amazing! Impressive watching such an intricate communication process-


Perfusion Art: “The Ready Room”

Perfusion Art: “The Ready Room” Photographer: Frank Aprile, CCP, BBA, LP Equipment: I Phone 8+ Editing: Photoshop Narrative: Rows of surgical shoes- at the ready Time & Place:   2021: UpNORTH About The Artist:  CCP Commentary:  It’s a busy place- Reminds me of the Corpsman barracks at the Marine Fleet Marine Force training center- Del Mar 21 Area- Camp Pendleton.


Perfusion Art: “Twister”

Perfusion Art: “Twister” Photographer: Frank Aprile, CCP, BBA, LP Equipment: I Phone 8+ Editing: Photoshop Narrative: Ready to go on pump- looks a bit like a tornado column Time & Place:   2021: UpNORTH About The Artist:  CCP Commentary:  Blood in the Prime- the divide between PRBC’s and Crystalloid


A Locum’s ScrapBook: Hospital 57

Editor’s Note: Hospital 55 was south of the Savanah River, Hospital 56 was at a convergence of transitional highways leading North South East & West- North of Indy and South of Chi-Town. Hospital 57 is the Mecca of all that is North– and is truly an amazing place to work. First and foremost- it is…


LESS than a “10” An ECMO Journey

Editor’s Note: First of all… Happy Easter all 🙂 We all like to talk about adversity and how we overcome it. Rarely do we elaborate on clinical events and the sequence of clinical and/or operational failures that lead to unintended outcomes. The story below is a pretty straight forward account of mishaps and miscues that…

CCP Angel 2

Perfusion Art: Clouds or Hope?

Perfusion Art: “Clouds or Hope?” Photographer: Unknown- Taken from a Perfusion FB Group and shared by an International brother. Equipment: Your Eyes: How you choose to process random cloud formations. Editing: Anger Hair Filter Narrative: When there are so many bad things in the world… I’d prefer to believe that HOPE always prevails 🙂 Time & Place:   2021: North of the…


VAXXED: The New Norm? CDC Guidelines…

Editor’s Note: I got my 2nd dose of the COVID Vaccine the other day. I don’t recommend any particular vaccine over the other, but I will say that I didn’t suffer some of the reported side effects from the 2nd dose. Didn’t feel a thing to be honest. No fatigue or flu-like symptoms. As I…


I Woke up Friday and I DIDN’T CARE

That’s my Son 🙂 Editor’s Note: It’s not that I stopped caring, stress just gets you to a point sometime where the typical flair and zest you have for life and the job we do- well sometimes you end up manufacturing the smiles and enthusiasm. Anyone reading the title would have to be discouraged. It…


A CO2 PE during SGV Harvesting? WTF?

Editor’s Note: I had an interesting case the other day, here at hospital 56. It was an op cab – and it ended up being more than the original grafts that were advertised. This was a fairly routine patient presentation in terms of degree of difficulty, with a particular surgeon for whatever reason always works…


A Locum’s ScrapBook: Unmasking COVID: Virtual Reality has BECOME our Economy.

Editor’s Note: – That is my family. Up there- I want to be able to say that a year from now… – We (or better stated) “I” have worn Masks for YEARS. – Today is a continuation of more than a years struggle in terms of trying to cope with an entirely innocuous yet devastatingly…


Excerpts from: Heart Surgery in America: The Heart-Lung Machine

This book is NOW over 99% written and moving into the Editing Phase! The title of the book is “The Tips of Spears- An Inside Look At Heart Surgery in America” It is a rendering of the reality, sometimes sad and at times funny, emotional, and clinical vignettes of the many different aspects relating to open heart surgery- from the perspective…


Perfusion Art: “Sequester”

Perfusion Art: “Sequester” Photographer: Frank Aprile Equipment: IPhone 10 ish Editing: Anger Hair Filter Narrative: Sequestering Blood during Circ Arrest 🙂 Time & Place:   2021: South of the Savannah About The Artist:  CCP Commentary: Removing blood from unnecessary trauma and turbulence during the circulatory Arrest phase of an Aortic Arch reconstruction/repair


Molecular Cardioprotection and the Role of Exosomes: The Future Is Not Far Away

This review discusses anesthetic implications of exosome production and the future micro-RNA applications for cardioprotection.


The COVID Wars: At What Point do you Not Answer “YES” ?

Editor’s Note: This is January 27, 2021. A year ago news stories were talking about the Wuhan virus in China, and few of us really took note although it to catch my attention. I think perhaps the American response to all of this was dampened by the political morass that we were embroiled in, and…


Perfusion Art: “A Different Kind of Filter”

Perfusion Art: “A A Different Kind of Filter” Photographer: Frank Aprile Equipment: IPhone 10 ish Editing: Heavy Filters Narrative: Lunch Break- Selfie at Subway🙂 Time & Place:   2020: South of the Savannah About The Artist:  CCP Commentary: Chilling at a vendor table outside of Subway. Grabbing lunch before the next run


Perfusion Art: “A Picture Within”

Perfusion Art: “A Picture Within” Photographer: Frank Aprile Equipment: IPhone 10 ish Editing: Heavy Filters Narrative: Taking a picture of them taking a picture 🙂 Time & Place:   2020: South of the Savannah About The Artist:  CCP Commentary: Reassessing VA ECMO Cannulation…


Morphing to 2021: Hello and Happy New Year!

Editor’s Note: What is there say about the 2020? In my opinion probably one of the most transitional years we’ve ever experienced. At this point in time we as a medical community are like a punch-drunk fighter who is completely desensitized to the imminent pain that he is currently or about to suffer. A reasonable…


Perfusion Art: “Put a Little LOVE in your Art…”

Perfusion Art: “Put a Little Love in your Art…” – = Photographer: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP Equipment: Iphone 8+ Editing: Photoshop Narrative:   What stands out in this picture is not the first set of hands holding the crystal heart- RATHER the second set- supporting the first 🙂 Time & Place:  South of the Savanna River, 2020 About…