A Shout-Out : To some old Friends from Up North…

I decided to call an old friend today, Debbie from a heart program up in Michigan that I was very fond of, and that had some truly excellent people associated with it.

It had been 5 years or so since I spoke with anyone from that program, and as things like that are- some things had changed, and many things remained the same.

The heart of the program (no pun) the primary surgeon- was still there, and he is a man I very much respect(ed) although we never did have our one-on-one game of hoops.

My colleagues Chad and Leon as well.  Two great perfusionists (and I mean truly great people), that I had the pleasure of working and growing up with for 7 of my perfusion career years.

Debbie sounded great, and got me caught up to speed as to recent and more distant developments.

Making contact with what has become a “previous life”, was refreshing, and certainly gave me a different perspective after living for 4 years in a Texas dessert.  I love the programs I am with now, and my own growth, but as well, some of the fundamentals of me as a person and perfusionist, had their roots back there.  A place I shall always consider a home away from my home.

So- all that being said, a big hello from West Texas guys!

I am glad to know you- and grateful to have had a chance to work with each and every one of you.

So here’s to keeping things Real guys …



Chuck (when he visits)




Steve B (Anesthesia)

Paul C

David M (Spartans)  Purdue almost made it to the 16