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Shayla Johnson, Associate Editor, CircuitSurfers.com

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Editor’s Note:

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Ms. Shayla Johnson to the editorial board of CircuitSurfers.com.

Shayla has submitted numerous guest posts on this blog under the pseudonym- “Kora” and has been the author of a series of posts empasiizing her perspective as a continuing perfusion student currently in the middle of her perfusion program.  The title of the series is: LPM: A Studen’t Perspective.

Here is the lead in- to that series:

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“I am a first year perfusion student.I follow your facebook and website to stay updated on perfusion news from all around the world, and I love it. I saw the posting about needing bloggers and wanted to find out if you were interested in a student blogger. Either way, thank you for the work put into the website, it was valuable as I prepared to apply for my program as well as throughout it.

Thank you.”


I have been impressed with her approach to perfusion, her perspective, her work ethic, and in particular- her obvious enthusiasm for the field she is gaining entry to.

I also feel that we absolutely need perspectives and insight from all phases and paradigms in the perfusion community, and with her relative lack of experience, comes with it- an unpainted canvas of new view points and objectivity.

Below is her own “Hello” and introduction to the perfusion community, from the ‘Surfers Team.

Welcome aboard Shayla Johnson 🙂

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Shayla Johnson

Shayla Johnson:  Editor Bio

I’m a first year perfusion student in Chicago, IL. I have my undergraduate degree in Biology, from Illinois State University. In college, I had my first experience in the medical field when I worked as a phlebotomist, and then later on, a laboratory assistant. During my undergraduate career, I was lucky to help with research and I am excited to be part of that process once again with my own master’s research project.

This year I received the Wisconsin Perfusion Society Scholarship for their essay contest. I am also currently a student liaison for the Illinois State Perfusion Society.

I love to read, write, and most of all, spend time with my dog. I also enjoy scrapbooking, traveling, and taking part in an annual charity scavenger hunt.

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