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Editor’s Note:

Steve Sutton is well known and highly regarded into today’s Perfusion community.  He is a strong proponent for advancing Perfusion education and in pursuing that goal,  he has given numerous presentations at some of the most  premier Perfusion meetings held each year.

Along with his dedication to Perfusion as a science, Steve is tremendously compassionate in his work as a perfusionist, as a patient advocate, and as a friend and supporter to his coworkers.

He has graciously offered to assist the community by sharing some of his work with us online.

Steve’s ambitious agenda to share with the international perfusion community includes the following:

  • Introductory History of Humanity Relative to the Circulatory System
  • Cardiac Embryology
  • Comparative Anatomy Relative to the Circulatory System
  • Ancient Views of the Heart
  • Ancient Discoveries Relative to the Circulatory System
  • Feature: Galen and His Contributions
  • Feature: Vesalius and Discovery of Anatomy
  • Feature: William Harvey and Discovery of the Circulation of Blood
  • Give Us The Tools: The Pre-CPB Era
  • Ready – Fire – Aim: The CPB Era

Welcome aboard Steve!

We look forward to your valuable insight and input 🙂

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