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Dr Harinder Singh Bedi  CMC 2014

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Editor’s Note:

I first started to notice the writings of Dr.Harinder Singh Bedi on his Face Book page a few months ago.

What struck me was the tremendous enthusiasm and kindness, not to mention the energy he puts out with every comment or dialogue.  A very gracious man, in some certainly less-than-gracious times.  So I struck up a dialogue, and found out he was a cardiothoracic surgeon in India.  Having the open-heart surgery arena in common, I was stoked when he said yes- to writing an article for Circuit Surfers.  That article can be read by clicking here– it is a well written story about a patient he treated and is well worth taking the time to visit and read.


I followed up a couple of weeks later, invited him to join the editorial team @ ‘Surfers, and this was his reply:


“Dear Frank,

I Checked out the link : https://circuitsurfers.com/editorial-staff/ – looks good . Would be an honor to associate with your team.”

I am proud and pleased to introduce you to the newest editor on our staff.  I am honored by this association of a group of tremendously talented and committed people that we have gathered together to make this blog happen, and I am certain that that Dr. Bedi shall shall add a new and respected perspective to the integrity of this online resource we call CircuitSurfers dot com.

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Dr. Bedi’s focus will be on the following:

  • International liaison
  • Academics
  • Clinical reports
  • Surgeons perspective
  • Images
  • Free lance 

Welcome aboard sir!

We look forward to your valuable insight and input 🙂

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