Week 2: Our Warriors: Meet our Hispanic Brothers- Jaime & Jesus

Editor’s Note:

Say HELLO to Jaime & Jesus.  They work at Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant.  They came to America- found opportunity- and cook great food.

Now they repay us- and they are giving us our opportunity to at least get take out food, and they are very brave and exemplary in doing it.

Jesus- on the right?  He is tired and can barely stand- yet he does stand- and welcomes all that come in.  He is clearly at risk- but he stands tall and accepts that risk- to welcome people to this restaurant. I admire him for that.  I asked him if he was tired- in my broken Spanish, and he waves it off and says he is ok.

I have known Jaime on a casual basis for the last two years when I come to Evansville to do hearts.  We share stories about our children- and have formed a bond of mutual respect.

I showed him these pictures today- of my children- of whom I am so very proud!

Who DOESN’T Love Take Out Food?  🙂

It’s take out only.  But it’s really good take out- and it won’t be forgotten.
Gob Bless and Peace

Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant:  Evansville West
Colorfully decorated, informal Mexican restaurant with vegetarian options, a full bar & kids’ menu.
Address4630 W Lloyd Expy, Evansville, IN 47712
Open ⋅ Closes 10PM