Vendor Terms and Conditions

Purchase Orders (“PO”) submitted to Vendor by, Inc. (“PDC”) are subject to the following terms and conditions which Vendor is deemed to have accepted by the acceptance and/or shipment of the Order.

  1. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to verify the Purchase Order submitted by PDC including:
    a. Pricing
    b. Item Quality
    c. Unit of Measure
    d. Catalog Number
    e. Billing Address
    f. Shipping Address
    g. PO Number
    h. Date Expected
  2. The Vendor must notify PDC immediately and suspend processing of the Purchase Order in the event that any one of the following occur:
    a. A duplicate Purchase Order number is used.
    b. PDC’s PO pricing does not match vendor price.
    c. PDC’s total PO price does not match vendor total price.
    d. The total price of the PO does not match the total vendor item price.
    e. The item quantity on the PO does not match vendor item quantity per case.
  3. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to send a timely confirmation of the received purchase order. The confirmation should be sent by email to If email confirmation is not available, confirmation should be faxed to 888-501-0844.
  4. If the Vendor ships an order out of compliance with the above terms, PDC shall be liable only for payment in the amount of the Purchase Order, and Vendor shall indemnify and hold PDC harmless from all damages, expenses and costs resulting from Vendor’s failure to comply.


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