Valves in a Bag

Sometimes, Lunch is a good time…

To discuss valve implants, the pros and cons of certain types of valves to match up with patient’s anatomy or co-existing disease states.

So that was what was going on today. Lunch and a bag of valves, one amazing Valve rep, and a gifted heart surgeon who takes the measure of valve surgery from the level of mechanic to the finesse required for an artist.

We are after all- a work of art, so it makes sense that one size- doesn’t fit all.

Not to say that life altering decisions are being made here, more simply put, these two are engaged in a very esoteric dialogue on the nuances of the proper valve model- for the atypical heart, or more significantly than that, projecting the likely hemodynamic performance 6 months from now, despite what initially looks like a good fit.

It was a dynamic conversation to listen to, both are solid pros, and as well- it gave me insight to an area of my knowledge base that was sorely lacking.

Hence, this post, which I am hoping is the beginning of a series of discussions on valve anatomy, and a 101 course on strategies to optimize our outcomes in the open heart valve replacement population.

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