URGENT ! San Salvador Mission: Pediatric Perfusionist Needed

July 22-28:  2012

Looking for a Peds Perf to go on mission to San Salvador ES. July 22-28.

Airfare, hotel and most meals are provided.

Nice hotel accommodations.

The program has their own surgeons and perfusionists.

The mission will focus on providing guidance to them e.g. MUF techniques, current practices, etc…


Joe Niman

University Of Michigan

[email protected]

  • San Salvador, ES

Click Image to View San Salvador

San Salvador (English: “Holy Savoir”) is the capital city of the Republic of El Salvador, and the departmental capital of homonymous department[1]. San Salvador is also the country’s most populated municipality as well as it most important political, cultural, educational and financial center[2].

San Salvador has been the host city for various sporting, political, and social regional and international meets. San Salvador has been the host of the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1935, and 2002, it has also been the host city of the Central American Games in 1977, and in 1994.

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