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Editor’s Note:

This message came across my desk this morning involving a perfusionist who needs to contact  Dr. Robert D Pascotto Jr., regarding the urgent need for a young adult male.  If anybody knows the physician or can put him in touch with Jason Chmel, CCP- it would be greatly appreciated and a great service 🙂

God Bless-


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Hey Brian,

Please read the following message and let me know what other avenues I might take. I know its a long-shot, but I need to be sure I look at all options. The following was sent to a general “Contacts” link on the Mission site.

The following was sent today:

Dr. Pascotto,

My name is Jason Chmel. I am a Pediatric Perfusionist in Long Beach California. I helped to start the first Pediatric Heart Program in Nicaragua, the first Public Pediatric Heart Program in the Philippines, and now the first in Haiti.

In Haiti, we only do kids, and there is no surgical intervention for the adult population. There is a Haitian patient, who is 23yrs old, that needs surgical intervention. We have no way to help him in Haiti.

We could get him to the D.R. if there is a chance that you could repair him there. I have pretty good clinical data on him if you’d like to see it. Just email me and Ill send it to you.

If there is any chance that this is a possibility, please let me know ASAP and guide me to a contact person.

Thanks for you’re time.

Jason Chmel
[email protected]

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