There are 3 People that I would Like to Thank :)


The 1st is my wife- Kashmir Elizabeth Aprile

Who has supported my efforts- and reminded me of the bigger scale of what is happening here @ Circuit Surfers dot com.

Her talks and support to me have been heroic- inspiring- and down to earth. She has reminded me of who I am – who we are- and what we can be.

She is now a mom to our 5 kids.

More so- she is the rock in our family- and she totally grounds us!

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The 2nd is Lacey Todd

She is seen on the right – a heart scrub technician and owner/founder of her own tanning business (Xclusive Tann) in PlainView Texas.

She is probably the best- or close to the best of any operating room technician I have ever met (and seeing as how I cut my teeth in the OR as a scrub technician- I think I can judge), and she has surrendered so much time in her life to help others- be a part of ICHF and volunteer on so many medical missions- she just gives it her all.

Click the video below to see what a huge role she plays in helping life continue AND grow




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The 3rd is Alfredo Lomelli

He is a young, quiet guy. Silent when he works- but man he gets the job done in a big way. He has also done work for ICHF in the Dominican Republic.

He is one of our own here in West Texas, and we should be proud that he is a part of our team.

Any team would be lucky to call him a member of it.

Way to go ‘Fredo- ya done good son 🙂

Frankie @ work

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