The Sanibel Perfusion PodCast: When VISION Becomes Reality…

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In terms of perfusion interaction and communication, there are a few seminal moments I’m sure all of us recognize as game changers, paradigm shifts, and technological improvements that could be compared as dynamic as the transition from bubble oxygenators, to hollow fibre membrane technology.

Some examples of perfusion evolution in terms of improving and illuminating our own as well as the programs of our colleagues are: The publication of what is widely considered the perfusion bible-  “Cardiopulmonary bypass : principles and practice” (Gravlee, Davis, & Utley), the emergence of JECT and Perfusion Life (AMSECT Today) as peer related publications, the development of the first true forum for perfusionists (PerfList),  Perfusion websites across the globe, (spear headed by (Bryan Lich) which launched and highlighted mission initiatives, online equipment sales and exchange, online education and CEU options, employment opportunities as they emerged, and new media formats such as blogs like (opening the International doorways to perfusion communities across the world), and perfusion FaceBook groups that facilitate local and global perfusion exchanges and real time chats.

This is article is NOT a publicity grab or endorsement for the Sanibel Conference (as the calibre of the Conference is well established on it’s own merits), what this is however, is acknowledgement and recognition of our transition to the new world of Perfusion Virtual Reality when it comes to meetings, continuing education, and peer to peer dialogue.  This basically is a gift to all perfusionist around the globe- that may not be able to access premier conferences or travel to them.  With real time web streaming, and the ability to not only interact with our colleagues (past and present friends), we are also able to engage the presenter of a topic with our online questions, review their performance and content delivery, but we are able to experience the conference vicariously through graphic media (updated pictures of the conference and exhibits (vendors, art galleries, and random photos of attending conferences), in all honesty- pretty much capturing the “look and feel” of the event almost like actually being there in person.

Can you get ABCP approved CEU’s?   Yes

Can you watch and participate if you are just a visitor and not paying an attendance fee?  Yes

Is this conference available to all international perfusion communities?  Yes

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Enjoy the conference, and recognize that you are participating in what may be another milestone (regarding perfusion education and interaction), that may just have been achieved:)


The following images are all taken from a smartphone to give you an idea of the level of interraction available to you while waiting for a case to begi, eating lunch, being on the road, or even on vacation!


A very cool real time chat room.  I met two friends in less than a minute that I haven’t worked with in 10 years or more.


A screen shot from my phone of a presentation being given in real time.  214 watching NOW…


A list of presentations for participants to view…


Speaker evaluation form.


A gallery of daily events and general pictures…