The Nepal Earthquake: Can Perfusionists Help?






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Editor’s Note:

I spared the worst pictures, with so much tragedy in Nepal- all I can ask is how we as a community can help.  I know there are many many GoFundMe’s and what not- but in this case perhaps we as a perfusion community can reach out and help one of our own.

Meet Shrestha Laxmi, this is her FB site- where she taells us what is going on.  She is a new perfusionist with whom I did an interview about a year ago- you can read that here- Perfusion in Nepal: Interview With Shrestha Laxmi.

Here is brief synopsis of our dialogue– I will leave it up to the readers to contact her on your own- and perhaps lend a hand- advice- or encouragement.  Please message her privately on FB- or send your messages to [email protected], and they will be forwarded immediately.

God Bless-

Frank & Bryan


“Technologies today have made world nearer. The social networking sites(SNS) as you have mentioned have been a source to communicate at few time in every field and every area. Similary, We perfusionist have also got a good platform for sharing our views, information, techniques by these sites. And yes, it has definitely made us easy by getting instant help.”

Shrestha Laxmi


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I initiated the conversation as follows:




“hi Frank I don’t know you can help financially or not . firstly Here we need food , water and tents for shelter . the aftershocks going frequently .if you can send us some money I can buy these stuffs and distribute to people.

Today I am going to visit orphanage home . I came to know the destruction in their home. so I could give any help to them . I also would like to help out of Kathmandu valley . because all supports are only focusing in Kathmandu . when the earth quake I was out of Kathmandu valley .

I was participating in free heart health camp at Kewalpur Dhadhin . the village also witnessed massive destruction I also want to help them .

Thanks Laxmi”

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