The Month of “The Aorta”

Click on this pic- It is awesome !

It’s been the month of “The Aorta”.  That is for sure.  A few surprises CABG’s shape-shifting to unplanned  AVR’s, or impromptu aortic resections.

The aneurism, slips in like a hungry python.  Just shows up and there it is!  Puffed up in all it’s glory.

So we deal with it .  Sigh 🙂

On the Menu for Today- was a Kick Back Day. 


Just chillin’

Taking it easy-

Getting some stuff done,

Thinkin’ about life and actually living it !

Adios to That !

Say Hello to our Little Friend !


The rest of the Aortic Resection is taken out a second later- But THIS picture is unique !

The rest of the case went well.