The First Ever Artificial Heart Transplantation in Azerbaijan


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Editor’s Note:


A FB friend and colleague of mine, Cuneyt Imamoglu, from Baku, Azerbaijan, shared the story below of the ground breaking procedure performed for the first time in Azerbaijan.

Cuneyt is very active on-line promoting perfusion dialogue and education.

Thank you for sharing this Cuneyt 🙂


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The first ever artificial heart transplantation in Azerbaijan was successful 25 January, 2013 09:43:00

Kamran Musayev, Chief Doctor of Central Clinical Hospital, Chairman of Azerbaijan Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, Candidate of Medicine, talked about the surgery at the press conference held on 21 January.


Lately different wide-scale measures are taken in Azerbaijan in medical management, strengthening the physical infrastructure in medical institutions, implementation of new medical technologies, fundamental staff reforms and other fields. This in turn has allowed our medicine to develop according to international standards, integrate into the medical systems of the leading countries of the world and increase its international reputation. The artificial heart transplant, successfully carried out at the Central Clinical Hospital, is one of such achievements.


“HeartMate II” artificial heart device, produced in the USA, was implanted to the patient during the artificial heart transplantation surgery, held in Azerbaijan for the first time ever. K. Musayev stated that this surgery was performed at the Central Clinical Hospital on Ibrahim Mansurov, aged 44, resident of Balaken. He was a bedridden patient on heavy medication, who also had serious failures in all other organs as well. Having suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy for a very long time, the patient was thoroughly checked by cardiologists and was advised to have long-term artificial heart device transplantation. At present the patient’s artificial heart device is functioning well and he is planned to be signed out soon.


The surgery was performed by local staff. It was noted that this fact once again demonstrates the high level of medicine and cardiology in Azerbaijan.

Patient I. Mansurov said:

“As you see, I am quite well. I have been suffering from this condition for a very long time. I even went to neighboring Georgia for treatment, however I was not taken into the hospital there. I came to the Central Clinical Hospital as my last hope. After being checked by the doctors, I was recommended to have a surgery. Now I can walk. I am very grateful to the head of state for creating such clinics in the country that correspond to international levels. At the same time I want to thank the doctors and nurses, who gave me a second life. There is now no need in going abroad for heart surgeries.”


Artificial heart transplantation is a very complicated surgery. It is wonderful that artificial heart device transplants are now a reality in Azerbaijan. The programs defined by President IlhamAliyev include reconstructing and renovating medical institutions, providing them with the most modern equipment, providing citizens with free medicines and medical treatment, building diagnostic centers in the regions, providing the highest level medical services to children especially and fulfilling other reforms in medicine. Today, the state programs adopted in medical sphere are being successfully carried out.

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