The BEST Positioning for Air Detector on ECC ? Survey

Editor;s Note:

So last night- I got a text from a good friend of mine JE down in Southern Indiana regarding where to position the bubble detector on an ECC with an integrated membrane oxygenator (ie: the ALF is part of the membrane component thus an ALF post membrane is not required).

The message is as follows-


Subsequently- I setup a quick survey– because it really is a very pertinent question.  Most of the integrated setups now- don’t include truly viable air removal options once air is past the membrane and your recirc line.  As well- Centrifugal pumps will foam up A LOT if air get in them- and that makes repriming a little messier and scarier 🙁

Personally?  I’m a big fan of a 3/8 leur connector with a purge line on my arterial line post bubble detector- but a lot of people are afraid of that extra leur in their system.

No worries- Each to their own 🙂

Please feel free to participate on this survey- it is quick- painless- and will actually give us some relevant data to support whatever argument or case we are making for our ECC designs.

Pump Strong 🙂


Plz Take This Survey 🙂

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