The 1st 6 Months

25% Of All Visits Are International

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More than 250 Cities Outside of the US

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129 Countries

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43,000 Visits  220 Posts  509 Comments  885 Tweets  54 Followers  80 Blog Subscribers

So hey guess what?

It’s 6 months and CircuitSurfers still has a pulse !

I want to thank all of you.


CCP:  Steve Sutton for your encouragement and educational materials

CCP:  Gary Grist for OPFT

CCP:  Loyd Yancy for telling me “You have a gift”

DVM:  MD:  Shanna Ospen for your insight, friendship, and loyalty, and our life long friendship

MD:  William Springer for the interview you are planning-

MD:  Jack Shannon for the perfect example of how Perfusion and Anesthesia should interact

CCP:  Pat Courtney on being a southern gentleman.

HeartMate II Recipient:  Joshua Morris  for your interview and more importantly…  Your courage

And all of the rest of you that actually have taken the time to read and share your thoughts-

Thanks again  🙂

Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP