Ten Overlooked Mistakes During Early Mobilisation in the Intensive Care Unit


Gómez-González A, Martínez-Camacho MA, Jones-Baro RA, Gallardo A, Saavedra SN, Teixeira da Cruz AG.

ICU Management & Practice. 2022; 22(3): 146-149

Early mobilisation (EM) is a therapeutic strategy implemented to avoid and overcome impairments developed due to critical illness and ICU stay. Several benefits have been described throughout the literature such as overcoming ICU acquired weakness, reduction in days of mechanical ventilation and stay, greater functionality inside the ICU, higher levels of independence, and lower health care costs, among others. The main objective of this article is to highlight the most common mistakes in decision making and the practice of EM.

Here are ten overlooked mistakes during early mobilisation in the ICU.