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As the leading perfusion data and technology provider, we empower clinical teams with unmatched insights focused on patient safety and improved outcomes. Learn more about our software and data services available.

Technology + Data Solutions

PDC Staffing has many solutions available to make your lives easier. From our proprietary EMR built for perfusionists to the reporting and insights we unlock for our partner hospitals, we are the technology partner for cardiopulmonary teams throughout the US.




OnCloud is a new informatics and quality management system designed specifically for clinical perfusionists. This proprietary SaaS solution provides key functions to your perfusionist and collects hundreds of data points on every procedure.


Data Services

Real-time data collection and reporting provides insights to our hospital partners and their teams generally previously unavailable. We can ensure quality metrics, procedure details, and industry benchmarks are all at your fingertips.



i-Pump is an application designed for practicing clinical perfusionists and individuals that work in the cardiac surgery arena. Your team can access important calculations, checklist, content articles, etc that are all focused at making sure useful data is accessible.


The only EMR built for perfusion.

OnCloud is a new informatics and quality management system designed for clinical perfusionists. OnCloud manages all of the procedures commonly performed including Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Standby, Autotransfusion, Platelet Therapy, ECMO and much more.

  • Cloud Based

    No software to install. Your data is encrypted and stored with safety in mind.

  • Responsive

    Oncloud works on any device. You can access it from your desktop web browser, iPad, tablet or mobile device.

  • For Perfusionists

    OnCloud is designed for Perfusionists- by Perfusionists. We pay attention to your needs above all other systems. 

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  • All Procedures

    OnCloud manages, bypass, standby, autotransfusion, platelet therapy, ECMO and more.

  • Detailed Charting

    OnCloud can chart all procedure types to keep you current with AMSET requirements. 

  • Track Schedules

    OnCloud can track multiple procedures at multiple locations and centralizes key data for you.

Data Services

We provide insights previously unattainable. With more than 30 quality metrics and hundreds of data points collected and reported in real-time, our hospital partners take their programs to the next level.


Perfusion Data data services are unmatched when it comes to value. Our quality data metrics, procedure tables, and overall data set is built upon many years of consistent data harvesting.

Each of our proprietary datasets are cultivated through validated software which ensures overall trust and usability of each of our tables.


Data on Demand has several native and proprietary software solutions (OnCloud, i-Pump) and we work hard to ensure these platforms can track and measure all of your quality and performance metrics.

We also ensure reports and analytics are available through various outputs including (but not limited to):

  • Downloadable E-Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Monthly Email reports
  • Bulk CSV & Excel
  • Integration to existing EMRs

Contact one of our data experts for more info.

What some our clients have to say...

"The entire staff are professional, reliable and have exceptional expertise. The company is also a leader in data collection and providing quality and performance reports."

Director of Nursing Services

"I have worked with the Perfusionists for a number of years; they have always displayed great professional ethics and performance. Evidence of their work is documented through our Quality Assurance Program by their participation in annual review of skills, quality control, maintaining analyzers, proficiency testing and communicating the needs of the Unit."

Point of Care Coordinator

"Perfusion. com has been excellent in their coverage and I would recommend their services to any program in need of experienced and highly competent perfusionists."

Section Chief, Cardiac Surgery

"They [] have handled stressful situations very well. It is obvious by their performance in the operating room under various conditions that they are seasoned and experienced perfusionists."

Cardiac Surgeon

"l have worked with Perfusion. com for two years securing Perfusion coverage for our health system. During that time, I have found them to be extremely knowledgeable about their staff, attentive to our coverage needs, accommodating as well as finding the best possible perfusionists to work in our department."

HR Generalist

"We would like to thank you: for helping out during our time of need. We certainly appreciate your assistance in every way. We would highly recommend your company."


"Their experienced staff provides a high level of service and accountability… In this way, our staff is not strained and is able to perform their normal responsibilities. I highly recommend for demanding programs which need experienced perfusionists during difficult cases." 

Cardiac Surgeon

"Possibly, the word that best describes this company is "integrity". Their input and recommendations are based solely on evidenced-based practice guidelines and not financial gain, and it is clear to our surgical team that patient safety is their first priority."

Director of Surgical Services

"Our results and satisfaction with overall level of care and service our patients receive has increased dramatically…I write this letter in full support and express my overall satisfaction with with the most significant improvements being our blood management therapies. I would highly recommend this service to any surgeon or cardiac surgery program."

Cardiac Surgeon

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The i-Pump application offers clinicians simple, practical tools for calculations related to cardiopulmonary bypass and blood management. In addition, i-Pump provides quick and easy access to the vast content library offered by, including professionally recorded video presentations that are specially formatted for the iPhone platform.

Latest Features:

  • Updated i-Pump UI.
  • Optimized for iOS.
  • Android version added.
  • UI scaled for iPad and Android tablet resolution.
  • Quick reference policies and guidelines added.
  • Support for portrait and landscape orientation.

Other Features:

  • Perfusion Calculator: (BSA, BMI, EBV, RCV, HCT on Pump, Heparin Dose, Protamine Dose, Cardiac Index, Flow Rates).
  • News, Articles and  Video Presentations from
  • On the fly conversion for height and weight.
  • Searchable articles, news and videos.
  • Job feed and press release feed added.
  • Save calculation data for one hour.
  • Airplay support for video presentations.
  • i-Pump is available for FREE in the iTunes store.