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This is More than a Survey on Age…

This is a snapshot of how we make choices to work with or remain apart from fellow colleagues looking for work.

We are all human so we all have biases.  So let’s try to look at them to help form a model for job applicants that may seem less competitive from the outside, but could end up being the best hire, colleague, or friend you might have imagined.

There are laws and human etiquette that we all face when making such an important decision.  It affects us as well as the applicant if we choose to hire or deny an applicant the opportunity to join us.

In the U.S., I am sure that there are quite a few perfusionists who have worked at the same jobs for years, that might be considered old, and might think that the job market is lost to them.  So they may be miserable, but they stay.

Fear of unemployment is at it’s worst, and certainly that fear is at all ends of the age spectrum.

The newly graduated are just as worried, as the not-so-tenured 30 year vets.

The key is not to undersell ourselves, get greedy (that’s a shot at the contract companies out there), or be complacent (If you think you are irreplaceable- guess what?  Your not ).

The key is that we are a small community of individuals that have sacrificed much- to do what we do.

Let us NOT sacrifice ourselves in the process, by discriminating in any manner- but certainly let’s NOT punish perfusionists that have given an extra decade to provide superior care- and because they hit some sort of EXPIRATION DATE- that assures that they are automatically clinically suspect, and denied equal access.

Please read the comment below from anonymous ccp if you want to see how it feels.  If you aren’t there now, you will be eventually.

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