Survey Results: Graft Preservation During Heart Transplant

Photograph by Dario Fichera:  Click Image to view Facebook Profile.

Editors Note:

I contacted Mr. Morton regarding permission to reprint the results of this survey.  I thank him for this opportunity.  It was initially submitted to AMSECT via PERFLIST.

Graft Preservation During Heart Transplant

Authored by:  John Morton, BS, CCP

“I would like to thank all participants in this survey concerning graft preservation during heart transplant.   Responding to the survey were 28 centers in the US and 6 international centers.”

John Morton, BS, CCP
Indiana-Ohio Heart
Fort Wayne, IN

Preservation solution used:

21% Celsior
4% Del Nido
35% HTK
17% Plegisol
23% UW

Is additional cardioplegia / preservation solution given upon return to the implanting institution?

56% Yes
44% No

If additional cardioplegia / preservation solution is given, what solution is used?

78% Blood Cardioplegia
13% Crystalloid Cardioplegia (as used during routine open-heart)
9% Preservation Solution

Average volume of preservation solution given during harvest?

Avg- 1800ml
Range of values- 1000 to 3000ml

Who infuses the preservation solution at the time of harvest?

8% Cardiac Fellow
4% Cardiologist
8% Explanting Surgeon
25% Organ Procurement Organization
21% Nurse
25% Perfusionist
8% Surgical Scrub Technician