‘Surfers Is Interviewed in ITALY !

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Editors Note:

Some days I am humbled. 

So today I present you with an interview I did for an Italian Perfusion Journal, IN Bypass, interviewed by my overseas friend, Dario Fichera.

As well, another Italian, and former Texas perfusionist (now an Italian Perfusionist), Seanne Sevier Azzolina, facilitated the process in a very warm and generous outpouring of support. 

Thank you Seanne- for your deep commitment, and your friendship !

As well, a note of recognition to the place that helped make these connections possible to begin with … Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!


How and when did you have the idea to make a perfusion

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Why a blog and not a static site?

Why did you call it “CircuitSurfers”?

How did you promote the blog? Did you advertise on
the web or just by word of mouth?

Did you expect this great success all over the world?

How did you make your blog a social experience?

What do you think about the future of “CircuitSurfers”?
Did you plan to improve it in some way?

Tell us something about you. About your job and
your private life.