Surfers’ 5 YEAR Anniversary! Retro to Feb 2011: Saturday Morning Brunch I

The European Contingent

A RETRO look at the second post on Circuit Surfers (Feb 25th 2011).  Where are all the RED dots?

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Editor’s Note:

I chose the 2nd post because the 1st one was to put it mildly- somewhat embarrassing.

It’s like re-reading something you wrote back in 6th grade embarrassing.

What is NOT embarrassing, is that over the past 5 years, we have had:

  • 750,000 visits
  • 154 countries
  • 2,200 FB Friends
  • over 1,000 LinkedIn friends
  • Posted 1,500+ articles etc,
  • Been invited to 1 major Perfusion Conference (CREF 2014)
  • Had the opportunity to join
  • Participation and dialogue with 19 CV related FB groups- reaching over 24,000 cv professionals


And the maps NOW- look a little bit different:

Surfers 5 years 2


Click on images to make all the red dots look bigger 🙂

So a heartfelt thank you to all for all the support and positive wishes.  Take time to read the comments section- a BLAST from the past!

Frank 🙂

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The Set Up is Everything ....

The Set Up is Everything ….

Saturday Morning Brunch

(Last Weekend of Feb)

Wow!  Our first informal Saturday Morning Brunch.

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I know.  Most brunch’s are reserved for Sundays- but since we are an international group of friends- we can stray a bit from customs and norms.

And the main reason is…  Saturday mornings are my favorite times of the week.  Life seems renewed and vital.  There is hope and there are projects to be visited.  Saturdays are like Spring, warm wet and windy with anticipation.

Sundays aren’t like that.   Even an early morning Saturday case is cool, as long as they are done and out by 11:00 or so.

I’ll try to have a post down every weekend for Saturday morning.  Something we can depend on.

The point of these posts is to have no point.  No fireside chat or stuffy Harvard review.  It’s not like that for us- so why fake it?

It’s an open post for people to dialogue, meet, hang chill or throw down- on whatever it is that’s on their mind.  If there is Pipe to be laid, this it the time and place… to lay it down.

So for today, this is us…

Asia & East of Asia

And more of us …

The European Contingent

And the rest of us …



But some of  US are Missing …

Where ARE You Guys ?

I am amazed with how fast this blog has grown in 5 short days.  Over 1,300 unique visitors since Monday.  It says a lot for what’s here, but suggests even more for what is and has been missing.

You tell me what you think?  We finally have a spot to hang out.  This is about us and our ability to actually talk to one another- instead of AT one another.

I think we deserve that.  We definitely have earned it.

So let’s have fun.  Tell us about yourselves, what makes you tick- what you love hate or don’t.    If there is something you want to talk about- this is the place to do it.  It’s not a chat room, it’s our room.

Thanks for coming by-


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