‘Surfers 2017: The Best of the Best


Editor’s Note:

2017 was a notable year- for how unsettled the entire world has been 🙁

I keep above and away from the topics of : politics, religion, cultural animosity, etc.  The basic metric that ties us all together is medicine, and our universal desire (as a group) to improve or save lives, regardless of the aforementioned divisive elements.  We are better than that:  as a group, as profession, and as caring and loving people.  The world is resilient, regardless of whatever turbulence we encounter, we shall always endure and go forward heads high, and undaunted.

That being said, please enjoy a wonderful year for you and your families.  We are all blessed by the benevolent spirituality that blesses us all 🙂

Below are some of the best articles and posts for 2017.  Thank you for reading and sharing your ideas.

Peace 🙂


Frank  🙂

‘Surfers 2017: The Best of the Best

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