The Good The Bad The Ugly…

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I published a poll a couple of years ago, at the dawn of the ‘Surfers’ blog.  Re-reading it was fun, so I thought I would dust this post off and share reader’s perceptions of BEFORE we were assimilated into the mainstream perfusion culture (LOL)…  I think that’s right anyway?

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A Blast from the Past

Thank you to all who participated in the CircuitSurfer Poll.  We finished the Poll with N=96. Plus or minus.

The results were very positive and also worth reporting. I’ll stratify it down by this weekend to see where we stand.

In the mean time I put together numerous comments I received, that are hardly quantifiable, but just like pictures, they paint the better story.

Thanks to ALL who took the time to write down your opinion. It was well worth it.

Anybody that has seen the movie I am referencing above, recognizes that all three qualities are lurking within all three individuals.  In other words, they are a blend of these traits as opposed to a single pure strain of one or the other.

Point being?  A metaphor for the poll I suppose and the positioning of the comments by category.  In essence, the comments are all worthy- because you took the time to write them, and reflects that this blog elicited at least some sort of visceral response regardless of the flavor.

As such, each comment is inherently “good” by the very nature that it solicits one to either make a change- or NOT.

It is neither an indictment nor an endorsement of it is what it was supposed to be- a concept for discussion.

The comments do underscore however, that by nature- we are a vocal and sometimes onerous group of dedicated healthcare professionals 🙂

No comments were edited, parsed, or omitted.

Again, Thank you.

Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP

Positive Reinforcement “The Good”

Clint Eastwood as “Blondie”: The Good


I have been a perfusionist since 1995. Your blog is refreshing and I would encourage you to continue. No one to my knowledge complined about Perfusion Life magazine. We are such a fragmented, often isolated profession that it is nice to learn about the personal side of the profession along with the scientific / personal. Like most things the detractors are the most vocal and the silent majority that can find value in sites like this just get what they need and breeze over the stuff they dont. Hell, half the stuff on perflist is B.S so people in glass houses and all….. regards, Chris Englehart CCP

Hopefully this blog gains popularity and becomes a regular visit for many clinical perfusionists and others that are interested in our field. Congrats on a very well put together website!

keep up good work

What you are doing is great. Keep it the way it is. Don’t change a thing. Don’t listen to the critics. They don’t have to come to your site.

Thanks 4 inviting me to this survey

Good Job

it still has to improve

helps increase knowledge of what is happening outside of my home country.

It sometimes is overwhelming in one time to take it all, but I guess there’s no right volume of info you can take in at once

Your earlier contributions were too ‘literate’, too prozaic. Got interested later on and it gained credibility. You were everywhere at the beginning and I couldn’t believe you did any clinical work. But I also perform around 120 CPB’s / year and do lots of other stuff. I don’t mind if other people don’t do anything at all next to their work, but then there should be no comment.

I believe that circuit surfers appeals and connects to the perfusion student niche in ways that the major organizations have not. This alone makes the site a valuable adjunct to the social media in our community.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t gone through the site yet, but only because of time and computer restrictions. I wish you well, you should be rewarded for all of the effort that you’ve put into this. Sites like this are certainly not an embarrassment. What is an embarrassment is the negativity and general lack of education of the perfusion community as a whole. I don’t in any way consider to be an example of quality, “REAL perfusion dialogue”. I follow it regularly, but the amount of quality information that I get from there is probably less than 10 percent. For the most part, I think I would be embarrassed if anyone that I knew were to read some of the ramblings there and assume that it is a representation of our professional field. Anyhow, you should be commended, and I do hope that your site continues!

Nobody wants to stick their neck out and make comments that can be seen globally as people can be mean and slice you up if they are disgruntled or jealous… it sucks

Keep it up!

Hey I asked a question on twitter and you provided an answer with reference papers to back up the response. Works for me.

Do you really have some haters? Just IGNORE them, in other less parliamentary word! Just keep on going!! You’re needed !

I don’t know where you find the discretionary time to produce this. Good Luck Franky Boy!

wish I could visit more often. How often do I visit so I don’t miss news?

New ideas that are out of the norm need time for people to adapt. Keep it going

CYAing always verify no matter what the blog or perfusion site

The Devil’s in The Missing Details “The Bad”

Lee Van Cleef as Angel Eyes: The Bad

this survey was irritating

What turned me away from it was the constant emails to my inbox as well as the constant posts on both perfmail and perflist – seeing the same thing 3 times a day in my inbox every day was annoying; so I honestly haven’t given it a real chance. I understand being passionate about something – but seriously, tone it down — and if you knew me and how passionate I get, that is really saying something

would prefer one or the other, doesn’t seem like everything on perflist is on circuit surfers; but I’ve basically quit perflist anyway

Without the use of citations and references from proper peer-reviewed sources, this blog will never be and should not be used as a source for clinical application. It should not be advertised as such.

not sure. I trust the job section/meeting section etc… but blogs … these can be antedotal and subjective. I respect the material. but not necessarily trust it.

And The Just Plain “Ugly”

Eli Wallach as Tuco: The Ugly

The Internet is a vast space- there is no need for you to keep seeking Perflist/ sponsorship- it won’t happen! Do your thing but stay off the main road!!!

You begged for us to fill out this survey on Perflist

There is no benefit to this blog