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A series of STS Updates and Insights:

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The Society for Thoracic Surgery (STS) national cardiac database is the all-consummate monster of consolidated data requirements that most cardiac programs subscribe to.

To be left off of the report card, is to be isolated and not assembled for review on the national slate, and that can be financially devastating as well as have serious implications as to what range of procedures your institution will ultimately be allowed to offer it’s client population (the patients).

Resources & Critical Links

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Customized STS Form (for Perfusion)

STS Articles Here on Circuit Surfers

Migrating to STS v. 2.73

STS Meds:

The key for your CAD population here- is to make sure you capture or account for the big 3:

  1. Beta Blocker
  2. Antilipid (Statin)
  3. Antiplatelet (ASA or Plavix)

STS 2013 Schedule

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