The Perfusion Staffing Experts

As a clinician owned and operated company, we intimately understand the practice of perfusion and seamlessly embedding into our partners' ORs throughout the nation.

Our entire team is consistently focused on applying and teaching the best clinical practices and evidence-based approach to our comprehensive staffing options.

If safety, quality of care and consistency are your priorities, we are confident we can be a long term and dependable partner for all of your perfusion service needs.

Long-Term Staffing

Our team specializes in implementing the best clinical practices through an evidenced-based approach to perfusion services. We prioritize our recruitment efforts and focus special emphasis on identifying and developing only the highest caliber talent and ethics in the industry.

  • Long-term and permanent coverage
  • Cardiopulmonary bypass (adult and pediatric)
  • Minimally invasive procedures (daVinci / Heartport)
  • Cath-lab coverage and support
  • Transapical and transfemoral aortic valve support (Hybrid OR)
  • Intra-aortic balloon pump setup and monitoring
  • Ventricular assist device (VAD) and ECMO support
  • Transplant support (heart, lung and liver)
  • Autotransfusion and plasmaphresis
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) sequestration

If safety, quality and consistency are your priorities, let's explore your ideal staffing needs.



Short-Term & Temporary Staffing is the industry leader in temporary perfusion staffing solutions. We maintain a large staff of highly experienced perfusionists that are available on short-term notice for both emergent, unplanned events and those you might anticipate unfolding in the future.

  • PTO coverage
  • Short-term staff shortages
  • Excessive volume
  • Adult and pediatric

Please give us a call and take the first step in securing your cardiac program and supplement your team with unparalleled flexibility.



ECMO Staffing

PDC enjoys some of the industries’ most experienced perfusionists and ECMO Specialist that have practiced and expanded the effectiveness of ECMO and ECMO outcomes over the last several decades.

Our experienced team can participate in both long and short-term staffing solutions to compliment your existing staff.

  • Adult
  • Pediatrics
  • Neonatal

Our team also participates in and contributes to industry trade groups and organizations to ensure physicians, perfusionists, and other professions in our industry well informed and collaborative amongst each other.

We are proud to support the efforts, research and guidelines from ELSO (, industry trade groups, and value our colleagues in the ECMO/ECLS field throughout the world.



Blood Management & Autotransfusion Staffing

Blood management is a concept that PDC Staffing has helped shape and evolve for more than a decade. Before this term was “commercialized”, we had policies and strategies in place to promote conservation, while improving safety and enhancing patient care.

PDC staff provides:

  • Comprehensive blood management expertise, extending well beyond intra-operative cardiac care.
  • Dedicated blood management director to support our field staff.
  • Policies, procedures and template forms.
  • Proven strategies and a supporting physician network.
  • Device expertise, including coagulation management and TEG.

Our capabilities and experience in this arena are one of the key distinctions, separating from the rest of the field.



"I have worked with the Perfusionists for a number of years; they have always displayed great professional ethics and performance. Evidence of their work is documented through our Quality Assurance Program by their participation in annual review of skills, quality control, maintaining analyzers, proficiency testing and communicating the needs of the Unit."

Point of Care Coordinator

"We would like to thank you for helping out during our time of need. We certainly appreciate your assistance in every way. We would highly recommend your company."


"Our results and satisfaction with overall level of care and service our patients receive has increased dramatically…I write this letter in full support and express my overall satisfaction with with the most significant improvements being our blood management therapies. I would highly recommend this service to any surgeon or cardiac surgery program."

Cardiac Surgeon

"The entire staff are professional, reliable and have exceptional expertise. The company is also a leader in data collection and providing quality and performance reports."

Director of Nursing Services

"They [] have handled stressful situations very well. It is obvious by their performance in the operating room under various conditions that they are seasoned and experienced perfusionists."

Cardiac Surgeon

"Perfusion. com has been excellent in their coverage and I would recommend their services to any program in need of experienced and highly competent perfusionists."

Section Chief, Cardiac Surgery

"l have worked with Perfusion. com for two years securing Perfusion coverage for our health system. During that time, I have found them to be extremely knowledgeable about their staff, attentive to our coverage needs, accommodating as well as finding the best possible perfusionists to work in our department."

HR Generalist

"Their experienced staff provides a high level of service and accountability… In this way, our staff is not strained and is able to perform their normal responsibilities. I highly recommend for demanding programs which need experienced perfusionists during difficult cases."

Cardiac Surgeon

"Possibly, the word that best describes this company is "integrity". Their input and recommendations are based solely on evidenced-based practice guidelines and not financial gain, and it is clear to our surgical team that patient safety is their first priority."

Director of Surgical Services