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Authored by:  Olivier Germay

Chief Perfusionist · Jan 1995 to present · Brussels, Belgium

Chirurgie Cardio-Vasculaire & Thoracique

Circulatory Arrest for Cross-tube Anastomosis

Ok, man 54 y old, 110 kg, 185 cm, typical chest pain. ETO confirm an ascending aorta dissection no aortic valve insufficiency. Operating room to change aorta only. The hole Of dissection was at the entrance Of aortic cross.

That’s why WE needed to arrest circulation. Rectal temperature 25•C and blood temperature 20.

WE put 1 retrograde canula in each carotid to assume arterial cerebral perfusion at 20• C during 40 minutes. The flow was 450 ml With a left radial pressure Of 50 mmHg.

I needed to put à lot Of blood in bags because the patient was 110 kg !!! And probably over filled !!!

I needed to let my venous Line open for the cere bral return and I had only One two stage atrial canula.

Myocardial protection every 25 minutes by retrograde way.

Blood cardioplegia Of course !!!