PERFUSION PRO: A Bold Approach to EMR


Editor’s Note:

I guess the proof is in the pudding so to speak… when I found myself on a 3 hour pump run yesterday, instinctively looking for my clipboard.  I think that’s a common trait for perfusionists as we pump cases, we look for a clipboard not necessarily to enter data, but it keeps us grounded, and is a vital part of our scanning process.

So yesterday, as I reflexively have done for so many years- I started to look for it, and then just chuckled to myself as I leaned over and pressed an “EVENT” button on the touchscreen laptop, to document a cardioplegia dose.

So there it is, three taps on the screen and the event is logged.

The following is a thorough and impartial review of a very dynamic Perfusion EMR system:  Perfusion Pro V 2.0.


When I look at any data entry system, I look for a number of things:

  • User Interface
  • Ease of Data Entry
  • Intuitional Navigation
  • The Final Product (The quality of the output data in terms of Chart Generation and data retrieval for CQI and Reporting processes).

User Interface

The User Interface for Perfusion Pro is comfortable and consistent.  In other words, each screen employs the same formatting and style so that switching between screens is not distracting or surprising.  Common elements are in the same spots reducing the time “searching” for a new data entry field.

  • Pros:  Demographic and Real Time data entry sections are clearly delineated and progress in an intuitive fashion. Demographic and equipment data entry follow the natural course in terms  of documentation that the majority of perfusionist follow, in terms of chart review and data entry.
  • Cons:  None.

Data Entry

Real Time Data Entry is surprisingly easy and efficient.  What I mean by “surprisingly”, is not in regards to this program, rather a reflection of the countless database systems I have used (or designed) that were either too complex, or too clunky.

  • Pros:  The auto entry updates are very very helpful.  This program will do an auto entry Q 10 min and that is a very nice feature.  The event buttons are very useful and extremely helpful in terms of speed of entry.  A couple of taps on the screen and your entry is in (a nice feature if you are watching a low volume level in your reservoir).
  • Cons:  None.

Software Design Recommendation:  It would be nice to see the drop down menus automatically drop down when entering the field.


Navigating Perfusion Pro is very comfortable.  Just like any new software when encountered for the first time- there is a learning curve.  Basically, the learning curve here is very easy and uncomplicated.  It should take one case to master the demographic and clinical (real time) data entry.  The administrative aspects (reports, checklists, disposables, etc) are a little more complex but easily managed.

  • Pros:  Extremely Effective for data entry when speed is of the essence and the case is going fast or heading South.
  • Cons:  Too easy to close the case record.  If you accidentally close your case, it takes a few steps to get back in.

Software Design Recommendation:  Perhaps design a “closing case” message to prevent accidental closure of record.  When getting back into the program- perhaps default so that you automatically go to the most recent record.

Final Product

(Click images to enlarge)

The Final Product of Perfusion Pro is a very detailed 8 page case summary and EMR.  It looks very professional, and is exceptionally comprehensive.  I cannot comment on the reporting aspects and CQI data extraction capabilities, as I really haven’t had a chance to engage that aspect of the program.

  • Pros:  Meticulous and well designed perfusion record.
  • Cons:  None.



Considering that I really didn’t want to use this system to begin with, I must say I was very impressed after having used it a couple of times.  I had my own personal prejudices going into this program, because as a traveler, I have always preferred paper charting (less new information to integrate), but in this case, after getting comfortable with the program, I find it very useful and would PREFER to use it as opposed to paper charting.

EMR data entry is a paradigm shift for a lot of us, in my case, having spent 10 years or so developing Perfusion databases, this program does everything I feel an EMR should do plus more.


I highly recommend this program.  There is a free downloadable trial version at the Vendor’s website listed below.

It represents a very affordable and simple EMR solution that should be an asset to any perfusion program 🙂

Contact Information

Stephen Peterson, BS, CCP, RVT
President / CEO
PDS Medical Solutions
825 W Krislynn Woods Ave.

West Terre Haute, IN 47885

Phone: (812) 535-3333