Seeking Perfusion Job Shadow Opportunity in Jacksonville, Florida


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Editor’s Note:

Any of “Y’All” over there in Jacksonville want to help this prospective student out?  Please refer to her contact information and thanks for giving her a shot 🙂


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Hello Circuit Surfers team,

My name is Rabia and I live in Jacksonville Florida. I’m applying to a CVP Perfusion Program. I have been following your page for about two months now.

Trying to read and get some insight about this profession and I must say thank you for having this wonderful web page for perspective students else we would be completely lost, as there is little known about this profession. Like many other students, I am having a really hard time finding a Perfusionist to shadow, everyone I talk to (including hospitals)said sorry!

That really disappointed me but I’m hoping that I will still find a way out. I have seen on your website that you helped many other student to find a Perfusionist to shadow, I hope that you might able to connect me with a Perfusionist or post my request on your webpage too.

Please let me know if there is anything you can help me with!

Thank you

Rabia Waheed

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  (845)821-0151

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