Seeking Financial & Art Donations: International Perfusion Art Gallery

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Seeking Financial Assistance & Art Donations

If you haven’t seen it yet, perhaps you should visit our International Perfusion Art Gallery.

It is expanding and the result of perfusionist’s contributions from all over the Globe.

Anyone wishing to submit a photograph relating to their life/lives as a Perfusionist, please email them to the following email:

[email protected]

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Note: You don’t need a PayPal account to donate- Any credit card will work…

Any Donations are for the cost and development of an International Perfusion Art Gallery, Framing, Printing, Matting, and Expenses associated with delivering the Gallery to future Perfusion Conferences.

A project of this nature hasn’t been tried before, but it would be a lot of fun to see something like this at a perfusion conference, as an effort to improve and develop our international awareness as well as appreciate some very dynamic art !

Anything helps- $10 -$25 or whatever-  It will all add up…




Art in order of appearance originates from:

SE Idaho, Ecuador, Italia, New York, Muenster, Germany, West Texas, Guayaquil, Hospital Francisco, Ecuador, Adatip,Turkey, Brooklyn, NY, West Texas, US, Norway, Kansas, New York, New York, Guayaquil, Ecuador: 2012, West Texas, Guayaquil, Ecuador: 2012, West Texas, Guayaquil, Ecuador: 2012, West Texas, New York, West Texas, West Texas, Georgia, @hospital del Los Ninios: Guayaquil, Ecuador, Unknown, @Bustamante Children’s Hospital: Guayaquil, Ecuador, Georgia, West Texas, Ukraine, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, Ukraine, Pennsylvania, Ecuador, Georgia, Central Georgia, Georgia, West Texas, Northern California, Puerto Rico, Central California, Madison, Wisconsin, Georgia, Puerto Rico, Northern California, Georgia, New Delhi, India, Dallas, Texas, Delaware, Northern California, Turkey, France, West Texas, Northern Michigan, West Texas, Brussels.

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