Saturday Morning Brunch : Global Missions

Some good looking eggs …

A Global “Mission”

So how do we develop a global network ?

Step 1: Identify the Mission

It’s About People … Right ?

Step II : Gather Your Most Valuable Resource: People

Reach for the Sky ?  Better Yet- Let’s Network….

Step III : Materials & Supplies- A Big step and available if you know the right people or can

Why Would Anyone- Want to Stop Trying to Save Lives?

Step IV: Identify Obstacles on the Road …

People become obstacles, as do institutions.

The key is- the simplicity of intent.

That carries over to the community.  Simply put… HELP is help.

Step V:  Just get There- The Rest Will Sort It’s Way Out…

Step VIBring a Smile 🙂

Life is too short to forget that essential element of graciousness.