Saturday Morning Brunch II

Saturday Morning Brunch

(First  Weekend of March)

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Let’s Pig Out ! Lechon from the Philippines

Surf’s Up !

And it’s a bit earlier than Saturday here in the states, but I launched early to accommodate the other half of the world.

G”Day, guten morgan, Magandang umaga, 早上好,再见, Selamat pagi, доброе утро!, สวัสดี, Dobro jutro, ( Thanks to this International Translator ).

Glad I didn’t try “we’re going to have to try and cannulate femorally”.  The sad fellow in the picture down below, probably would have handed me a banana !

I know roast pig isn’t typical for a  Brunch Topic- but let’s not let that stop us from recovering some of the thrill of life that always seems on the other side of the thick glass window when we walk into the O.R.

That’s us… 

Primates locked in a cage of responsibility, while others go out and play.


Observe… The Lone Silverback- Contemplating his Fate


I think it’s the idea of the roast pig on some far away slathery beach, a Luaua in some exotic Hemingway type setting that drive’s most of us- to accept a sometimes difficult profession.


Hey Mom! I’m gonna become a Perfusionist …


On the food thing.

So anyway, I have had to ask myself why I put so many pictures of food on a perfusion blog, and what’s up with all the pictures?

I can’t say I really know the answer to that one, other than the fact that people like to eat.  It’s not just about food, but what surrounds it.  How many dinner soiree’s  do you remember for the food you ate versus the great times you had with your company at dinner?  I’m comfortable with food, and I think food makes people feel more comfortable as well.  That being said, I want people to relax when they drop in.  This isn’t like going to a conference- nor is it a cocktail party.  Just a place (I hope) to share some ideas and not take ourselves too seriously.

As far as pictures go…

I think interesting graphics are a major part of the reading/discussion experience.  Graphics make you think.  They can take you down multiple roads at the same time.  And while you are having that discussion with yourself- the dialogue associated with the picture you are visually taking in, may sharpen the edge of opinion that you are just now forming.

Graphics are an enzyme- they accelerate reactions … and conversations.

So for today ?

Well I left it open for comments.

  • I could use some ideas for topics.
  • I could use some ideas on the site- improvements in the architecture, additional features.
  • I could use some volunteer authors.
  • I could use more educational material.
  • and most of all- I could use your leniency in giving this Blog a chance.  I believe  it has the merit for us to allow it to grow.
  • What do you think of highlighting some programs?
  • Surgeon interviews?
  • A vendor dialogue that isn’t a commercial?
  • I can think of a million and one things but then the pronoun would be wrong when saying  “our blog” now wouldn’t  it?
  • I could use some idealism– you know the stuff that got us here?

Thanks for coming by.   Join the conversation if you’d like …