Saturday Morning Brunch III

(Mid March)

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Foot Prints ?

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I debated on whether this should be a “Brunch Topic“, an “About Topic“, or a regular “Daily Post Topic“.

The bottom line was this- it’s just a topic header.  We are who we are…

Nobody else really knows the who, what, when, where, and why about us.  It does get confusing.  (How often have you had to explain what a perfusionist is- and does-  to somebody?)

We examine on a daily basis, clinical questions that knock on the door of the medical decision making process.  We confront the medical license on every pump run- in terms of how our decisions impact patient outcomes.

Our spouses are typically unaware of our day,  and more significantly- are usually more dedicated to navigating around the “work”  that we tend to put to task on a daily basis.

And what is the point of us knowing who we are?

Well the easy answer is  that anyone who is in the profession has clearly dedicated themselves to a cause.

In terms of other perfusionists, the work environment is most often in numbers of 2’s and 3’s, sometimes 6 or more, and rarely more than 10.  We work in professional triangles, yet express ourselves as individual clinicians.  Our relationships tend towards geography and family, and our loyalties to the programs we represent.

We have different motivations, yet a common sense of urgency…  that is who we are.

Is there a need to actually get to know one another?

I Personally think so.

It completes the the end of the question of who we are.

And in that regard, if you don’t mind… How about laying a comment down and saying hello from where you are from?

Are we making footprints?

It seems that we are  …

Visiting  perfusionists represent:

  • 137 Cities  in 48 Countries  –
  • + 50 States in the US & all of those Cities –
  • Over 5,000 visits –
  • All in a little less than three weeks –

Yeah.   We’re Starting to Walk Together…


Build it- and they shall come ... Click the map- to see how many.


As you read below, you will see that under each nation’s flag is the translation for “Welcome to our house” in the native language for that nation.  The cities of that nation- that respondent’s have indicated on their own initiative, are listed below.

If the translation was unavailable- no disrespect was intended- it was subsequently rendered in English to demonstrate a sincere desire to recognize all of us on equal terms.

Listed as well, are the Nations & associated City/States that contributed to the visit(s) so far.

Check it out if you wish-

What’s funny is that when you first start scrolling down you get kinduv bored, then as the list keeps going- you start to pay attention.  You start to notice that “it’s a pretty long list”.  Then all of a sudden you look and connect some person- just like you to a flag from some other country and say- Really?  And then it becomes real.

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The United States of America

“Welcome to our house”

  • 3,800 + Visits from All 50 States

Solomon Islands

“Selamat datang di rumah kami”

  • Honiara /Makira Region


“Welcome to our house”

  • Ulverstone / Tasmania
  • Canberra
  • Sydney / New South Wales
  • Lara / Victoria
  • Adelaide (South)
  • Perth / Western Australia
  • Ballarat / Victoria
  • Ringwood / Victoria
  • Brisbane / Queensland
  • Townsville / Queensland
  • Casino / New South Wales

New Zealand

“Welcome to our house”

  • Auckland


“Maligayang pagdating sa aming bahay”

  • Cagayan de Oro
  • Cebu City, Cebu
  • Sorsogon
  • Malolos / Bulacan
  • Angeles
  • Calasiao / Pangsinan
  • Baguio
  • Makati, Manilla


“Masukkan teks untuk menterjemah sini”

  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur




  • Taipeh




  • Kadoma / Osaka
  • Tokyo

Republic of Korea

우리집에 오신걸 환영

  • Yongsan / Seoul



  • Hong Kong
  • Central District
  • Guangzhou / Guangdong
  • Xining / Qinghai


हमारे घर में आपका स्वागत है

  • Thiruvanthapuram / Kerala
  • Thalassery / Kerala
  • Bangalore / Karnataka
  • Madras / Tamil Nadu
  • Visakhapatnam / Andhra Pradesh
  • Mumbai / Maharashtra
  • Ahmadabad / Gujaret
  • Shimla / Himachal Pradesh


“Welcome to our house”

  • Islamabad


مرحبا بك في بيتنا

  • Muscat / Masqat


مرحبا بك في بيتنا

  • Abu Dhabi

Saudi Arabia

مرحبا بك في بيتنا

  • Central region
  • Dhahran / Ash Sharqiyah
  • Riyadh


مرحبا بك في بيتنا

  • Kuwait / Al Kuwayt


ברוכים הבאים לבית שלנו

  • Holon / Tel Aviv


مرحبا بك في بيتنا

  • Alexandria


“Bienvenue dans notre maison”

  • Douala / Littoral

South Africa

“Welkom by ons huis”

  • Germiston / Gauteng
  • Durban / KwaZulu-Natal


“evimize hoş geldiniz”

  • Central region
  • Krikkale / Ankara
  • Istanbul / Istanbul
  • Izmir / Izmir


Καλώς ήρθατε στο σπίτι μας

  • Athens


“Üdvözöljük a házunk”

  • Bucharest


“Добродошли у нашу кућу”

  • Belgrade


“Добродошли у нашу кућу”

  • Samobor / GradZagreb


“Vitajte v našom dome”

  • Central region

Soviet Republick

“Добро пожаловать в наш дом”

  • Central region


“Üdvözöljük a házunk”

  • Dunaharaszi / Pest


“Benvenuti a casa nostra”

  • Palermo / Sicillia
  • Taurianova / Calabria
  • Putignaro / Puglia
  • Tertlizzi / Puglia
  • Pomigliano / Campania
  • Rome
  • Pisa / Toscana
  • Medicina / Emillia-Romagna
  • Pauma / Emillia-Romagna
  • Padova / Veneto
  • Verona / Veneto
  • Milan / Lombardia
  • Genoa / Liguria
  • Turin / Piemonte
  • Varese / Lombardia


“Bienvenido a nuestra casa”

  • Barcelona / Catelonia


“Willkommen in unserem Haus”

  • Villingen-schwenningen / Baden-Wurtenberg
  • Schwabmunchen / Bayern
  • Prien / Bayern
  • Wiesbaden / Hessen
  • Puchersreuth / Bayern
  • Niederspier / Thuringen
  • Grosskugel / Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Berlin
  • Hanover / Niedersachsen
  • Bielefeld / Nordhein-Westfalen


“Willkommen in unserem Haus”

  • Nijmegen / Gelderland
  • Alblasserdam / Zuid-Holland


“Indtast tekst at oversætte her”

  • Rodovre / Hovedstaden
  • Herlev / Hovedstaden
  • Alborg / Nordjyland
  • Hasselager / Midjyland


“Välkommen till vårt hus”

  • Orebro / Orebro Lan
  • Hjo / Vastra Gotaland


“Welkom bij ons huis”


  • Liege / Liege


“Bienvenue dans notre maison”

  • Meudon / lle-de-France

United Kingdom


“Welcome to our house”

  • Jersey
  • Exeter / Devon
  • Bristol
  • Farnborough / Hampshire
  • London
  • Downham Market / Norfolk
  • Leicester / Leicester
  • Manchester / Manchester
  • Liverpool / Liverpool


“Welcome to our house”

  • Dublin
  • Cork / Cork


“Bienvenido a nuestra casa”

  • Rio De Janeiro
  • Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais
  • Joao Pessoa / Paraba


“Bienvenido a nuestra casa”

  • Medellin / Antioquia
  • Bogata


“Welkom bij ons huis”

  • Oransestad

Trinidad and Tobago

“Bienvenido a nuestra casa”


  • Port-of-Spain


“Bienvenue dans notre maison”


  • Roseau / Saint George

Virgin Islands

“Welcome to our house”

  • Inner Region

Puerto Rico

“Bienvenido a nuestra casa”

  • Inner Region


Cook Islands

“Welcome to our house”

  • Inner Region




“Welcome to our house”


  • Mount Pearl / Newfoundland
  • Saint John / New Bruswick
  • Quebec / Quebec
  • Kingston / Ontario
  • Ottawa / Ontario
  • Alexandria / Ontario
  • Montreal / Quebec
  • Thompson / Manitoba
  • Saskatoon / Saskatchawan
  • Calgary / Alberta
  • Kelowna / British Columbia
  • Vancouver / British Columbia
  • Maple Ridge / British Columbia
  • Newmarket / Ontario


Quite a few Clinical Perfusionists represented on these flags…