Century™ Heart Lung Machine

The Century™ Heart Lung Machine offers what others do for much less. Why pay more? The Century™ heart lung machine has all the major pieces, proven durability and the #1 roller head in a user friendly, familiar and functional package. Please contact us for pricing information.

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  • Salyer Biomedical continues to service and repair the first generation CPE™ heart lung machine, still in service after 23 years.
  • Perfusion Pro e-charting and data acquisition program utilizes a 17 inch color touch screen that is fully integrated with the Century™ HLM.  Pro e-charting also available for tablet or laptop.
  • The Accratech UL Medical Listed UPS battery backup can provide 2 hours of run time for the Century™ system.
  • The Century Heart Lung Machine is available in a variety of configuration options.  Please contact us for configuration and pricing information.

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Weight 500 lbs