Abiomed AB5000 Console

This item is an Abiomed VAD model AB5000 console that has never been lightly used clinically. Consoles have been maintained in patient ready condition and is ready to ship to qualified buyer.

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The AB5000 Circulatory Support System provides temporary support for one or both sides of the natural heart in circumstances where the heart has failed, giving the patient’s heart the opportunity to rest and potentially recover. The AB5000 Ventricle is vacuum assisted technology with clear housing to allow clinicians a view into the device. It use the same cannula as the BVS 5000 Blood Pumps, allowing for seamless transition of devices without requiring an additional surgical procedure. Unlike other ventricular assist systems that can require multiple drivers for a single patient, patients on the AB5000 Ventricle require only a single console – regardless of condition. The AB5000 Console is designed to allow patients to leave their hospital rooms and walk within the hospital and on hospital grounds. Multiple studies have shown that patient ambulation, or walking, greatly assists the recovery process. The ease of use and transport capability of the AB5000 System makes it an important option for both regional and local cardiac centers. Patients can be put on the AB5000 or the BVS 5000 System at their local hospital and then be transported to more advanced cardiac centers if necessary.
2006 Console / Serial # 5271

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Weight 150 lbs