Product Review: Orpheus Perfusion Simulator

Editors Comment:

I first saw this simulator discussed in a very fine Live Blog of the 2011 ANZCP Perfusion Conference, forwarded by Mr. Martin Glill, perfusionist  from Australia.

I personally haven’t seen it deployed or demonstrated at a conference, because I don’t go to as many perfusion meetings as I would like to.

So here is some corporate product information, more as a summary than anything else.  Anyone who has had experience with the device is certainly invited to render their opinion of it- and perhaps whatever missing details have been omitted below.

Please share that in the comments section of this post.

Perfusion is a profoundly exhilarating field because of all the technology and innovation that is encompassed in the profession.  And part of it is all the cool stuff out there waiting to be developed.

Have the best day possible 🙂


Product Insert Promotional

“The simulator incorporates physiological, thermodynamic and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models and is designed to function as a complete patient substitute for the training of Perfusionists and other medical or paramedical staff in the use of heart-lung machines and related equipment.”

Product Schematics:

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Figure 1


Figure 2: