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“This would make the realistic GoFundMe goal approximately $10,800- a sum that represents less than the purchase price of a used car…”


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Editor’s Note:

I was checking FB the other day, and spotted a compelling story on the page of a long distance friend (as well as colleague on this site’s editorial board) Dr. Harinder Singh Bedi.

It involves the story of a young man, who was operated on by Dr. Bedi for a DORV (Double Outlet Right Ventricle) in 2004.

I won’t do into the story- as it is well described by Dr. Bedi in the article posted below.

But I will ask for your support for this young man, who clearly was denied a brightchildhood, but definitely deserves a shot at a brighter future.

Circuit Surfers, in tandem with Dr. Bedi, has established a GoFundMe account to help this man achieve his dreams- (or at least be allowed to dream).

I discussed this (GoFundMe campaign) via email with Dr. bedi- and his response is as follows.

kamaljeet in 2004

“Yes – I think it is a great idea. King needs about $100 a month for 1 year and then 200 a month for 4 years college . He does not need any money for any health issues.

Let me know of any formalities from this end



This would make the realistic GoFundMe goal approximately $10,800- a sum that represents less than the purchase price of a used car, and alternatively suggests a dream for the untapped future potential of this young man.

Here is the link if you wish to donate:

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Dr Harinder Singh Bedi  CMC 2014

Dr.Harinder Singh Bedi

King’s Story:

A confident – but polite – knock on my clinic door. “Come in” . A young beaming lad with a just developing beard walked in . He was smartly dressed in  a yellow turban and a matching shirt  . “Recognise me ?” . I did not immediately . Then he smiled . A smile that touched his eyes . Recognition dawned . ‘King ? ‘ – I said . I remembered him – a sickly blue 11 year old looking like a 4 year old . He had severe DORV with PS – a bad variant of TOF . His parents could not afford surgery about which they had been told by all doctors . The kid in spite of the hardships that he knew of – would break up into an angelic smile – the same he had now .


I took out his details from my log book . I remembered the case as I read . We had organized donations from friends and the general public and my team did not charge any fees . While waiting in hospital he had a bad cyanotic spell . We took him up as an emergency . The anatomy was bad – the RV severely hypertrophied and the pulmonary arteries very small. He had a total repair and bounced off the heart lung machine with some inotropic  support  . My perfusionist – Mr Des Raj –  had done a good job of maintaining his vitals on pump .

He then disappeared and did not come for followup . Today he told me his story – his father was an alcoholic and abusive of the family , his elder brother  died at  the age of 25 years of an accident . The brother had been the sole  bread winner .


“What happened to your schooling “. I dropped out after Class 10 as we could not pay the fees – he said sullenly – the smile gone . “But I am studying through the open university “ (This is a postal teaching course – cheaper and more flexible than the formal one )  – the smile was back .

“Can I give you money for your education ? “ – I asked . “No sir – what I need is a part time job .” Still I forced some money on him which he accepted with grace .

He is a bright young man – fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi and can operate the computer .

He sings well – mostly sufi (spiritual) songs !!

So now I am looking at whatever help we can give him . I would be happy to give any more details as required .

The lad lives in Ludhiana with his mother and can be contacted at 95929-57996 .

Any help in this matter would be much appreciated .

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