Perfusion Turkey: A Collage from Kosuyolu Hospital, Istanbul.


A Perfusion Conference, Turkey

Editor’s Note:

I was on FB and got a message from Mehmet Çetintaş, a Turkish perfusionist that I have seen online for quite awhile.  He asked me to post some pictures he took of his life as a perfusionist in Istanbul Turkey.

By his count they perform (or have performed) :

  • 142 ECMO
  • 122 heart transplants
  • 33 lung transplants
  • 1 liver transplant
  • 43 Levitronix employed
  • 6 Novolong employed
  • 21 lVADS
  • 2 pediatric transplants (heart / lung?)

It is another example of how similar our lives are as perfusionists- regardless of culture or distance …

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A Collage from Kosuyolu Hospital, Istanbul

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Mehmet Çetintaş, a Turkish perfusionist- @ the podium


Organ Perfusion



Look familiar?



The tools of the trade…


The OLD meets the NEW…


Mehmet Çetintaş, hooking up lines for a VAD



A breath of fresh air …



The Levitronix VAD