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I was in my 1st month of launching a new perfusion blog, that to be quite frank (no pun)- I wasn’t really sure was going to go anywhere.

I had a sense of what I didn’t want it to be, but didn’t have a true road map for what it could possibly turn into.

I was certain of one thing though, the motive would be uncomplicated and that I was going to shoot straight.  Good things usually happen when hidden agendas are on the side of the road, instead of what you find yourself standing on.

That being said, it seems that if you stay true, well everything kind’uv sorts itself out.  And so we go forward …

Thanks for dropping by,

Frank Aprile

It started with a comment on a Perfusion Blog …

She Got Some Interviews

“I think circuit surfers helped me receive my many phone interviews
which led to fly in interviews. It helped greatly to market myself in a
professional manner. As a new grad, it is hard to make connections
because I am just starting my career.”

And She Found a Job …

Blogging the 1st Year out…

“I plan to blog my first years
experience as a working perfusionist.”

I want to congratulate Amanda on getting hired straight out of school.  I also want to thank her for giving me the idea to try a different approach to perfusionists new, or seasoned, in terms of helping them find work out there in a pretty tough economy. 

She has agreed to share her experiences as a new grad for her first year out.   So you will be seeing what basically amounts to a “perfusion reality blog” (jk) .

A mini-series of sorts,  posted every now and then,  summarizing whatever it is we encounter in that first year of the amazing adventure that we call perfusion.

It takes guts putting yourself  “out there” and I have a feeling it will be a fun and interesting read. 

Thanks again Amanda.