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So It Begins…

Well it has been a few weeks since I have written and entry.  I have become incredibly busy.  Between tests, studying/reading to keep up and being in the operating room I find time to sit and watch some tv or sleep.  School is picking up yet again.  I have now pumped 2 cases from start to finish.  Both were aortic valve replacements and had a good outcome.  I have to say that is very intense being the main person behind the pump.  Obviously, I have an instructor an arms length away in case something happens, but handled all the controls.  I am keeping up with my classes pretty well right now.  I find it very interesting to get different theories and views of the same material.  I have the opportunity to work with lots of perfusionists.

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Comparing & Testing

One example is the theory of where to get keep you PO2’s during surgery.  Some believe in as low as possible as long as everything else still looks good, some like a little cushion in case something happens and other run them high.  From what I have been learning/like for my own practice is a little bit of cushion.  I will need more experience before I run right on the line.  However, I like the idea of keep oxygen free radicals down.  I do find that I learn 100X more in the operating room than in a book.  It is very helpful  to have read the theory and principle before getting in the OR, but still see it in action is much more effective for long term retention and understanding in my opinion.

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Weeding …

Now the problem that goes hand in hand with what I have spoken about above is the fact that at this stage of my education I listen to a theory explained by one of the perfusionist and it always makes sense.  However, the next day I may hear a different theory over the same subject.  This is great except for the fact I am so impressionable that I am having to learn to ask and get about 4 or 5 views of the same subject and then come to a decision of how I want to start to shape my practice.  

I am finding it very interesting all the different parts of perfusion I have been exposed to on a daily basis.  It is proving to be overwhelming at time, but will help me in the future I would think.  I am exposed to lots of theories, lots of different personalities, lots of situations and so many other things.  It has been a great experience so far and hopefully continues in that direction. 

I will try to write again sooner rather than later.  I have been really busy, but will try to keep up and write more often.  If anyone is wanting me to answer any questions or touch on any topic just comment below and I will try to answer the best of my ability.

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