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Editor’s Note:

I do a lot of “why we do this” posts, not because it is rhetorical or thought provoking, but because we as a profession are pioneers as well.  In the past 40 years, the technological achievements in cardiac medicine defy belief at times, in that we have come so far- so very quickly.


We lost a bit of humanity this last week with the passing of David Bowie, a pioneer in music similar to the astronaut pioneer in the video below.  Both have a universal commonality- triumph of the will and of our endeavors to improve humanity.  We are are part of this newest surge for our generation’s Manifest Destiny as we continue to explore uncharted waters in the space we share in cardiac medicine.

This is dedicated as well- to another Pioneer out there… Joshua Morris- who has had an LVAD since before the inception of this blog:

Frank 🙂

Michael-Joshua Morris

Michael-Joshua Morris Circuit Surfers… FRANK! Big LOVE to you Brother! WHOA!!!

Anne Marie and I eagerly paused our day to watch this video based on many reasons…

1) you dedicated this video to me

2) Space Oddity is the favorite song from my childhood since I was 8 years old

3) this rendition is sung in space

4) Chris Hadfield performs the song, he being my favorite active astronaut, read his writings and book… His ability to control his life, bending destiny where the odds were not in his favor to ever be an astronaut.

5) my acute respect for David Bowie and the bravery he had displayed throughout his life with his own personal-social issues… The courage of him being most comfortable in his own skin his ENTIRE life up until his premeditated parting “gift” to his fans in filming Lazarus.

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