Perfusion Life: Why We Do This [ 5 ]

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It’s Just a Box Right ?

Editor’s Note:

Well, after a disturbing weekend I find myself in the groove again.  Knocked out a quick AVR with friends Dianne, Jack, Collin, Nikki, & Kristina- and two really talented heart surgeons (they are kinda friends as well).

So I get home, and of course it IS getting close to Christmas- the 17th and all, so it’s a crap-shoot whether or not we will actually get any presents if the Mayan calendar ends up being smarter than our NASA rocket scientists.

Based on the tragic events last Friday, an Angry retribution of God’s wrath wouldn’t be totally out of line.  But enough of that.  We have had enough of that for as long as I hope to remember- and may it be forever.

So back to Christmas and the Box.

Tying it all back to a perfusion related topic- if you please- revisit the title:  “Why We Do This“. 

Enough physics, physiology, selfless dedication, profound concepts, and what not-  today it’s back to basics, and a reminder of what drives us to become better at what we do- for the people we need to do it for.  So I’m staring with the innocents… 

The Kids…

And the little things it takes to make them happy.

It’s ALL about the Box


Thinking OUTSIDE the Box:  My Boy Justin- makin’ sumthin’ out of nuthin 🙂

I had been wondering about what to do with the huge box that came with a Weber grill I was getting my wife Kashmir, for Christmas.  And right about the time I was about to cut it up to allow it to fit in the ally dumpster- well I decided to cut a few windows and a door into it instead.

Perfusion ingenuity- what can I say?


Lookin’ Like Peter Rabbit after sneaking’ a turnip from the pantry!



Time for some serious war games …



Older sis Kimbers- get’s involved …



Note: 2 dawgs & 2 kids 🙂



Kimbers:  Chillin’ Like a Villain !

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So Today- the Kids Win! 

Christmas is coming 🙂

And that’s why we do this !

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