Perfusion Life: Why We do This [ 3 ]

Editor’s Note:

I think it’s important to recognize one of the things we try to preserve the most when placing patients on bypass:  Cognition.

Not just a coherent thought process- rather to retain within the individual- that what makes them so unique- the ability to think creatively, and enunciate to the world- their own UNIQUE perspective…

This perfusion blog is full of medical facts, and techniques, but it is also starting to fill up with narratives on topics that lean to the human-interest side of things, that drives us to implement these incredible talents and technologies- to preserve what is BEST about us.

Our Identity.


A Short Film by David Stockdale




About: David Stockdale

Click image above to visit Mr. Stockdale’s FB site.

David is a life long friend of mine that lives in Italy.  He is an artist in every sense of the word- encompassing many mediums of expression.

And- He is a very kind man.  The above link was a short film he put together- but it expresses a common thread we all have:  An inherent belief that life is more than what we see in front of us.

To my Italian friends, maybe look him up and say hello- It would be amazing to have some new friends meet people that come from my roots.  🙂